Guide to the Early Version Material
(Source, Executables, etc.)

Read This, Really! Don't Just Download and Try

Hopefully this helps since it is going to be some time before this archival material gets any decent documentation. It is pretty much "as is". that is why the papers and documents in the other zip files should be browsed first.


1. It all requires Windows 98 or higher but has never been tested on WinNT, Win2K or WinXP. TAKE CARE if you PLAY with some of the installation files (.EXE self-installs, built with InstallShield (version ?? from Y2000) - there are several DLLs and other files in the installations and most likely these are OLD OLD OLD so my advice is:
DO NOT INSTALL on a critical machine!
DO NOT install files that are older than what you have.

2. The early version of what is now being called E-Presents, then called vMessenger, used a Linux server for handling ftp and mail, The client app binaries should install and can run (to a point) showing the original and intended-to-be-replicated-but-better features.

3. A lot of the code was never completely finished. Why? The company was run into the ground by (and I say this without any doubt and with plenty of evidence) by two separate but equally pitiful pairs of thoroughly unscrupulous, amoral, greedy business partners who used our company as a tool for their own financial shenanigans and scams (including tax write-offs and a lot of offshore "investment-brokering" that left us dead in the water. If I go on my blood pressure will go up and I will get a stomache ache so I will stop here, with the simple remark:

Dealing with self-proclaimed "investment brokers" and "venture capitalists" is more dangerous for your health than handling poisonous snakes and scorpions in the dark

So, things from this early stage are not in the shape that they could have been and should be. I will try, in some spare time, to clean things up but it is more important to concentrate on the NEW DESIGN.

Papers, Presentations, Memos, Notes, Fragments
Look through some of these, at least the ones referring to "Open Net..."
Video-enabled presentations, messages, server and DB interaction, and client-side video/audio creation facilities (w cam, recorder, etc.), specialized stream viewer incorporating Real and Wavelet codecs
Version 1.1 - Everything
This worked well but had small bugs and a lot of parts incomplete. Actually, there were Too Many Features. The ones that worked were sufficient and the plan had been to keep others greyed-out or invisible.

Version 1.1006 Self-Installation for Win98
Slightly later version, tying in XML-enabled special viewer (Open Stream Viewer) and SQL Sever interface for saving user interaction data
Version 1.5 - Everything
The latest code that was done and tested for this one.

Version 1.2 (!not 1.5!) Self-Installation for Win98
2. Open Stream Viewer
Open Stream Viewer, the specialized stream and general media viewer designed to work with vMessenger so that one could watch in separate windows the video and also the dynamic HTML that was connected with the media content.
Open Stream Viewer x XML - Everything
This was working and getting high ratings for quality for its time (Y2000 DLLs and codecs. We reworked the RealPlayer stuff since their SDK was highly inefficient.

Version 1.1006 Self-Installation for Win98
Required for vMessenger 1.1006

Version 1.2 Self-Installation for Win98
Required for vMessenger 1.2 or higher

Another version - this installs both Open Stream Viewer and FAStream Viewer under Win98

3. SnapIt
Tool with several DIFFERENT features from the typical screen view snapshot tool. See the written materials for more info.
SnapIt (latest version) - Everything
This worked well but had small bugs and a lot of parts incomplete. Now we want to improve on the versatility and context-intelligence and have this all work from within a web/browser context.
4a. FSV1p5
FAStream Viewer, a modification of the basic OSV to remove non-Real video components and also concentrate upon only the video delivery, not also the XML data objects that might be attached, a la the OSML definition/specs, with different video and audio streams.
FAStream Viewer, version 1.5 - Everything
This worked well and again had some cool improvements over what Real or Microsoft were doing at the time (and maybe even now - I am still very unimpressed with either of those companies or their products).

Version 1.2 (!not 1.5!) Self-Installation for Win98
4b. FAStreamAsActiveXDLL
Moe or less what it says - another version of FAStream Viewer
FAStream Viewer / ActiveX DLL Version
Ditto, it worked well as I remember.
4c. FAStream_Cyber
Very limited, condensed version of FAStream Viewer developed for a "we have our funding" customer who subsequently went out of business even before my company. Another saga of Richmond, Virginia smalltown financial thuggery and deception where Your Loss = Our Profit - someone should write a book about it!
FAStream_Cyber Viewer
Again, it worked and people liked the quality, especially in fullscreen mode.

One version, also for Win98
Another version
4d. FAStreamDLL
Code for a DLL version of FAStream Viewer, so it could be used in different apps including vLive Conferencing (see below).
FAStream DLL - Everything

Have to figure out which of the FAStream viewers needed this!
If the DLL is required then so is this.
5a. ExploreIt1p0
A client-side tool designed for aid in exploring and finding things over the web to use with other OpenNet apps - some cool ideas went into this, but not all got implemented. My idea is to take the notions and ideas from this, along with other things out and about in the world, and make something much more versatile but for browser-based exploration and knowledge acqusition/discovery.
ExploreIt, version 1.0 - Everything
This worked but was still an alpha-stage piece of work.
5b. ExploreIt1p5
Next version of ExploreIt but as I recall, less tested
ExploreIt, version 1.5 - Everything
This worked but was still an alpha-stage piece of work.
6. vLive
Integrated live conferencing and streaming designed to work with all the other OpenNet and other mainstream, typical desktop apps.
vLive - Everything
Early stage prototype, quite "alpha", requires NetMeeting, but it gives the shape and picture of where we were heading in terms of integrating streaming (stored and live) and conferencing in a manageable way for pairs and for groups.
7. MediaCreator
Early and standalone version of what later went into the All-Media Creator part of vMessenger (see E-Presents, above)
MediaCreator - Everything
This worked well but was simplistic, based heavily on using Real Networks SDK code. The idea now is to be able to integrate any number of different video and audio creation and composition tools, whatever the user has on their client machine, with our server-based environment. There is no need to re-invent wheels and make new webcam and video composition software for the client, but only to concentrate on the server side.
8. NetMon
Early and standalone version client app for monitoring data collection and file transfer activity on a local machine and routing things on a time/type basis to other folders or other machines (servers). Something we want to rework in the context of web bookmarks, downloads, RSS, and web services.
NetMon - Everything
Read the text files with this and in the topmost zipfile in this list.
9. Verite1p0
Alpha/beta version of a client app for manipulating image sets in a novel way, including annotations, organizingation, web page generation and pattern recognition/tracking.
Verite, version 1.0 - Everything
This was well-received as a product idea but again suffered the fate of our company. Now we can use some of the concepts here, along with much that is similar in the world, and make this part of an INTELLIGENT image assistant toolset.
10. WebGen_Alpha
Tool for working with other OpenNet components or by itself on the PC for generating custom HTML galleries.
WebGen, version 1.0 - Everything
11. WebAlbum1p0
Alpha version of one of the openNet component tools for generating web albums from images and other objects (files).
Verite, version 1.0 - Everything
12. ArcMedia
Very early Alpha version of an important OpenNet component (see text documents) for intelligently managing and cordinating large and diverse populations of objets and media for different people in conference and collaboration environments.
ArcMedia - Everything
There is practically nothing in this code except a shell as a storyboard illustration. See the written material but everything now is really quite changed. This is like a lot of all this, historical and for reference and learning and getting into the same "mindtrack."
Small readme: usingrealproducer.txt
This pertains only if you want to try some of the video creation and editing using RealProducer, but I think there is better stuff by far around these days.
Read It